Cookies van het stemmenbureau

What are cookies and what should you know about accepting cookies? When visiting websites, you often come across information relating to cookies. What are cookies exactly? Cookies are small pieces of data sent from a (website) server to the browser of the visitor. This enables easy storage of information relating to visitors. There are three sorts of cookies. 1. Functional cookies These cookies are essential for the proper functioning of the website. Under the new cookie law, consent is not required for these cookies. 2. Statistical cookies Like most website holders, Het Stemmenbureau compiles statistics to analyse website traffic. The purpose is to establish how often certain pages are visited, whether visitors are new or returning, how visitors arrive at the site, which browsers they use (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox) and which browser settings. This information is used to improve our websites and to ascertain what our (prospective) customers (visitors) find interesting and therefore important. It is not possible to discover the identity of the visitor, as the analyses are anonymous. We ask for your consent to place these cookies. 3. External cookies These cookies are used in connection with our advertising policy. If you visit the website of our voice-over agency, we assume that you are interested in voicing or that you are looking for a good voice for your audio message. We therefore want to remind you of our existence after your visit, which may have been quite brief. As a consequence, for a short period you may occasionally come across one of our banners when you use your search engine. We ask for your consent to place these cookies, too. We try in all sincerity to help our customers find the most suitable voice for their business or message. However, being a commercial enterprise we do invest in this type of marketing to a limited degree. If you do not consent to the use of the cookies described above, you can uncheck these options at the bottom of this page.


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