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The voices of Het Stemmenbureau | recording corporate videos

Het Stemmenbureau draws from a database of over 150 voices in 50 languages. Our voices are professional voice-over speakers or voice actors. A professional voice-over speaker has a pleasant, commercial voice. These voices are exceptionally fitting for voicing corporate videos. Voice actors and actresses have an exceptionally flexible voice. They can play around with their voice and adapt it to your message. These voice-over speakers often have a background in acting or they have experience in film, commercials, or television. Their voices are extremely suitable for animation or commercials. Naturally, their voices fit voicing corporate videos as well. The rates of voice actors are often a bit higher.
In addition to corporate videos, Het Stemmenbureau specialises in multi-language voicing of e-learning modulesaudio tourssafety instructions and telephone systems.

Voicing corporate videos

Voice-over agency Het Stemmenbureau was established in 2009. Over the years, we have become specialised in translating and voicing the voice-overs for corporate videos. For these videos it is important that the audio sounds inviting, friendly, and captivating. During editing it is important that the audio is put in the right place - something we can provide as well. Presently, we already deliver the voicing for various renowned companies within the sector. We would gladly help you as well. Please contact us for more information.

Voice-over agency Het Stemmenbureau is part of Tekom Vertalers.

Het Stemmenbureau is specialised in voicing and emphasises multilingualism. It is part of Tekom Vertalers. Tekom Vertalers has been delivering translations in 76 languages since 1976. They work with native speakers. You can submit the Dutch texts of your corporate video to us. We will then make sure it is translated into the desired languages by translators familiar with your branch. After the translation is approved, the voicing can start. We can provide you with a spoken message in more than 50 languages. Naturally, we have a database with professional Dutch voice-over speakers and voice actors as well.